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Our Story

Noble night wear since 1975

The well-established, German family company is based in Bad Hersfeld in the heart of Germany.

The success story began in 1975 when Udo Bütefür & Horst-Peter Hensel imported colourful, unusual lingerie and founded the company Bad Hersfelder Dessous Bütefür & Hensel GmbH.
2015 – The Bad Hersfelder Dessous Bütefür & Hensel GmbH celebrates their 40th anniversary!

In 2015 the new company was found under the name Gattina

Due to its strong brand presence on the lingerie market, the focus is now on growth, continuously expanding the portfolio and the purchase in the 90’s of the trade mark rights of GATTINA.

The complete product development process is handled internally and successfully implemented in various facets!  Due to high expectations of high quality material and process technology, the label GATTINA in now a market leader in sophisticated nightwear!

Products to feel good with

Today Mr Pascal Bütefür, who in the 90’s was Managing Director of the company, is the head of Bad Hersfelder Dessous. 

The philosophy of the organisation is, to meet the high standards of specialised dealers and to create products for end-consumers which always give a “feel-good” experience. 

Since 2013 the in-house development of the brand GATTINA fresh,  which enable cooler designs due to modal – viscose and quality cotton an excellent addition to  zu ,, GATTINA `` by  Bad Hersfelder Dessous . A further significant step regarding modern trends.

Sustainability –  a further in-house focus, in 2015 the company will launch a new high quality line of leisure wear "Made in Germany".